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Solid Title Loans – Car Title Loans Los Angeles is an open book when it comes to our customer service commitment. We are all about the customers we serve. We have worked quite diligently to become the title loans service provider people can turn to when the going gets tough. Our experienced team will does not provide high risk car title loans. We provide a means of borrowing cash that is easy and manageable. We are in the business of making our customers lives better.

Making Title Loans Easy

We have been making auto title loans Los Angeles easy for our customers for a very long time. Sure, there are certain obligations that need to be addressed, but the process is unbelievably simple and easy to endure. If the application procedures were any easier it would be scary. Like just about any type of application these days you can apply for an auto title loan online. If you’re in the neighborhood you can drop by our office or you can simply give us a call.


Meeting the Requirements

The basic requirements for receiving a loan on a car title through Solid Title Loans are simple common sense. You must display your ability to repay the loan. You have to prove you are the person listed on the vehicle title. The car you are using as collateral must be insured and in quality condition. All we need is the necessary information about you and your car. You could be approved for an auto title loan in an hour or less.

At Solid Title Loans we hold onto the title until the loan is repaid in full, but you still enjoy the convenience of driving your vehicle while the car title loan is being repaid. Our financial team will do everything feasible to ensure you get the cash you need. You worked hard all those years to build the equity in your vehicle and now it is time to reap the rewards of your labor. Come see us today and make your need for cash go away.

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