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Solid Title Loans Car Title Loans Los Angeles believes in providing our customers with the facts and only the FAQs. The only bad question is the one that is never asked and answered. We are the masters of the car title loan industry because we are an open book when it comes to our auto title loans process.

Found below are just several of the questions our customers have frequently asked:

I am 17 years old. Would my parents need to co-sign my loan on my car title?

First of all, in order to be eligible for a loan on your vehicle title you must be of legal age in the state of origin. However, when you reach the legal age requirement you should not need a co-signer if you meet the basic criteria.

Is there a requirement related to length of employment?

No. Employment is not necessary a basic requirement. All you need to do is display that you have some type of income that will make it feasible for you to meet the loan obligation.

If I have lost my car title can I still qualify for a loan on my auto title?

Yes. You can file for a lost title and we have the means of tracing your title history.

Will I need to go through miles of red tape to get the cash I need?

No. The application to a Car title loan Los Angeles is brief and to the point.

What does my credit score need to be?

We provide bad credit loans for our customers. Your credit score is not part of our approval criteria.

Is there any type of limit to the amount of quick cash I can borrow?

The amount of money you can obtain in one of our auto title loans Los Angeles is completely based on the value of your vehicle.

Will I need a lot of documentation to secure my car title loan?

No. You will need a valid state ID, proof of income, insurance and a clear title.

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