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When the need for emergency funds arises many people turn to family for help. Unfortunately, that option is not available for everybody. Besides, not everyone feels comfortable with the idea of borrowing from family members. Usually a loan from a financial institution is the next step. The problem with that is not everyone has the credit to get a loan from a bank and banks are not known for providing fast cash. At Solid Title Loans Los Angeles we provide emergency cash quickly in the form of car title loans Los Angeles.

Not everyone is familiar with the auto title loans process. People are sometimes weary of things they don’t understand. It is our intention to clear up any misunderstandings associated with bad credit loans. Many people would normally think about pawning a precious heirloom before considering a title loan. However, getting a loan on a car title is actually a very reasonable solution to the fast cash problem.

Fast and Simple Title Loans

Obtaining emergency cash with title loans is fast and simple. Here is how it works at Solid Title Loans. If you have paid off a vehicle that is still in quality condition you can borrow cash against the equity. We don’t provide customers with an auto title loan based on their credit score. Your automobile title is your collateral. Obviously, the newer your car and the better shape it is in; the more money you can borrow against it.

You can apply online, over the phone or in person. The application only asks for information related to personal identification, the vehicle in question, insurance and proof of income. Notice we said “proof of income” and not your job information. You don’t need to be employed to obtain a loan on your automobile in Los Angeles.

At Solid Title Loans we are committed to making sure our customers get the cash they need when they need it most. We hold your title and you continue to drive your vehicle around just like normal. The financing is fair and you get the money you need fast.

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